Duc De Duras (duc_de_duras) wrote in wwsupport,
Duc De Duras

Cost Management

OK so I'd like to sing the praises of Aldi's today. Eating Weight Watchers can be expensive. You buy a lot of the brands that are significantly less cost effective. I don't want to discuss how much we spend on bread and goodness forbid we talk about what we pay for veggies.

But Aldi's has really been a big improvement on those budgetary items that I didn't think was going to happen. Normally their "one brand" only of products leaves something to be desired in terms of a lot of items. However they stock 93/7 ground beef, ground turkey, egg beaters, fat free sour cream and the creme da la creme the Fit and Active line of products.

Now don't get me wrong some of the Fit and Active stuff isn't great. But a lot of it is. Their cereal bars are 1pnt each and quite good, I'm happy with their cereals, I like the ice cream and a lot of their other items are really top notch. Low fat, high fiber and good taste.

Not only that but I'm sitting here eating a pork skewer from the Aldi's frozen section. 3pnts. The Chicken skewer is 2pnts. That's a great meal.

All told did have to make 2 shopping trips, one to Aldi's and one to another local grocer for some of the items that aldi's wont stock (cilantro) but the savings were well worth it.
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