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This community is for livejournal users who are members of Weight Watchers or following the Weight Watchers plan. This community was created on 9/17/04, so it is still brand spakin' new. If it seems inactive or boring to you right now, please bare with us! It is my hope that people will want to join and that we can create a fun, supportive environment :).

-[Unknown LJ tag] (creator & maintainer)

Not sure if you want to or are able to join?

Check out these statements:

♦ To join you should be a member with Weight Watchers, either attending meetings or a member via WW online.

♦ Unlike most other message boards & communities, going off of the weight loss topic IS ALLOWED here. I think it's essential to having a fun, active community.

♦ Please, play nice! This community is all about being positive, so if you've got negative things to say, please find a more appropriate place to do so.

♦ More statements may be added here as time goes on, so check back :).


○ Why did you create yet another weight loss community? Aren't there enough already?!
I felt the need to create this community because after searching for a decent Weight Watchers community on livejournal I found quite a few, but a good majority of them had been inactive for some time. I wanted a community where people actually post! I couldn't find one, so I created one myself.

○ Have a question that you think should be answered here? By all means, let me know! Leave a comment or email knash528@yahoo.com.